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In light of recent local events, MinKY moderators would like to reach out to our membership and community members of color to discuss how we as a group and as a component of the larger kink community can be most supportive, inclusive, and protective. We condemn the often pervasive insensitive and racist attitudes and actions in the larger community and recognize that it is high time we start working to get our own house in order with regards to the broader safety and inclusivity of our own spaces and events.

Participating in kink communities, activities, and spaces already involves a higher degree of vulnerability and risk for our POC and QPOC community members. Our failure to grapple with those uneven dynamics and to work to resolve them furthers those vulnerabilities and risks. In public kink spaces and private kink groups, QPOC/POC are often underrepresented and underserved, a demographic disparity we see especially intensified in our midwestern communities. Historically, MinKY’s public stance on this subject has been lacking. Moving forward, we commit to working with our community to intentionally develop a code of conduct that best protects, invites, and serves a greater diversity of membership.

As we move towards a community of inclusivity and update our community standards, we would like to hear from our underrepresented membership as well as those who have been deterred from joining or returning in the past. How could we as a group best serve you? What can we improve upon? What accountabilities would make you feel most safe? Feel free to leave a comment or to send signed or anonymous email with feedback to, on FetLife, or our contact form.

In solidarity and striving towards inclusivity,

The moderators of MinKY