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This is a possible path for honorary membership for those 36 or older, primarily intended for former members who have aged out or established community members who have been friends to the Club. Member Applicants aged 18-35 should contact the Moderators via email at

Your name/Fet name

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How did you hear about us?

Why do you want to be part of MinKY?

What positive contribution do you think you can make to MinKY? For example, what skills, experience, venue, etc., do you think you can offer us? We are not looking for any particular answer, so please feel free to be creative!

Are you currently a partner of a MinKY member?

Do you have any current MinKY members you can use as references?

All MinKY list members are required to attend a munch and meet a Moderator before they can attend a play event. Would you be willing to attend a public event and show us ID if we so requested? We will not write any information down or make a copy, it would merely be to verify who you are.