Want to Join?

MinKY has three classes of membership: regular members, confirmed members, and Friends of MinKY.

  1. Regular Members

    Anyone within the ages of 18 and 35 (inclusive, you get to stay until your 36th birthday) may join MinKY as a Regular Member by meeting a moderator at a Munch. Also, come chat with us at our online forums!

    Regular Members may attend public events such as munches.

  2. Confirmed Members

    Any regular member who meets a MinKY Moderator in public (at a munch or other public gathering) becomes a Confirmed Member.

    Confirmed Members may attend both public events (munches) and private events (parties and social events). Confirmed Members are usually allowed to bring guests to events, so if your partner is over our age range, you can still attend together. (Guests must also meet a MinKY Moderator before the party).

    Confirmed Members are expected to attend at least one party and one much per year to maintain their status.

  3. Friend of MinKY

    Anyone who falls above our age range (36+) may apply to become a Friend of MinKY. Friends of MiNKY are community members who go above and beyond to assist MiNKY as an organization and strive to represent the positive aspects that are a hallmark of the BDSM community. Friends of MinKY are community leaders, skill sharers, and mentors; they believe in the future of the Kink community.

    Friends of MinKY may attend public events and private events.

All MinKY members are expected to be courteous and respectful when representing the organization. Membership may be revoked at the discretion of the MinKY Moderators for severe breaches of conduct.