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What the Heck is a MinKY Munch?

Never been to a munch before? Don’t worry, we don’t bite. Well, not unless you ask really nicely!

A “munch” is a perversion of the word “lunch” and is exactly that – a gathering of kinksters in a restaurant setting. These are public events which anyone can attend, held in public/semi-public spaces (usually a private dining room of a restaurant), and therefore there is no BDSM play and attendees are expected to dress appropriately. A munch is a social event, a chance to meet people in a relaxed atmosphere, and a great way to get introduced to the community with no pressure.

Many clubs in the Twin Cities hold their own munches, and MinKY is no exception. We meet every month on the last Sunday of the month at 5 PM. We have a few different restaurants that we visit on a rotating schedule, all in different parts of the metro area so that people with limited transportation have a better chance to attend. If you have a favorite restaurant that you’d like to see us use for a munch location, and it has a private room with seating for 50, please let us know – we’re always interested in new ideas!

Please see our events calendar for the location of our upcoming munches.

Most of our munches are simple 2-hour dinner meetings, but we have a few during the year that are a little different. In June, the MinKY munch is part of Leather Pride, and we invite anyone from the Twin Cities Leather/BDSM/Kink community to join us. In August, we forego a normal restaurant location for the many varied food booths at the Minnesota State Fair. And in October, after dinner we drive down to the Trail of Terror for a haunted hayride.