What to Expect at a Play Party

Here is some general information about play parties. While this site isn’t affiliated with our group in particular, the information is all very valid:

Some specific highlights of MinKY parties include:

  • Parties are typically held every 2nd Saturday.
  • Minky’s parties are often held in private locations and allow most types of bdsm play, nudity, and sexual contact.
  • To be eligible to attend a MinKY party, you must meet one of our moderators in person beforehand. This policy is in place to protect our membership and our gracious hosts.
  • Parties are separated into play space and social space. Play space is reserved for people who are conducting a scene or those who are quietly observing, Social space is for talking or cuddling and play is not allowed.
  • No drugs or alcohol are allowed.
  • Occasionally parties will have a fun theme (coyboy party, formal dance, sleepover, etc.), or a skillshare / demonstration.

If you have any other questions that aren’t addressed by the information here, please do not hesitate to ask!