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Minky Party Rules

v2.1 – last update May 2008

Minky has an emphasis on providing a safe, positive environment to learn and explore your sexuality. With that in mind, we place very few limits on what you can and can’t do at a party, and we encourage you to ask others about a skill that you see them using (after they are finished with their scene). However, we do treat the following rules very seriously. When in doubt, ask a moderator first.

No Outing!

Anything that happens at a Minky party stays there. Do not out the location, the participants, or the activities to anyone not at the party without the permission of the person you may be outing. Outing is a serious offense, and can lead to job loss, public humiliation, and other serious repercussions. If you out someone and it results in harm to that person, you may be banned from future events. We will treat all “outings” on a case by case basis, but repeated offenses will not be tolerated. When in doubt, remember this: “The first rule of sex club is, you do not talk about sex club. The second rule of sex club is, you do NOT talk about sex club!”

Respect the Location and Your Hosts

Please be respectful of the host or hostess of the party. Wear appropriate clothing when outside the dungeon location and in view of non-consenting outsiders. Please keep play to the dungeon area. Clean the equipment you have used as soon as reasonably possible after a scene so that others may use the equipment. Ask before doing something most people would consider gross or messy (piss, scat, blood, wax, etc.) Minky Party Rules are to be used in conjunction with the host dungeon’s rules. Whenever the rules conflict, err on the side of the host dungeon’s rules.

Be Aware of YOUR Risk

Parties are about having fun, but there is risk inherent in the kind of fun we have. Play only if you are aware of the risks of your behavior and are willing to accept the consequences.Minky is not liable for your behavior. If you want to try something new, ask someone to teach you or assist you.


This will get you ejected from the party immediately.

Do Not Interrupt a Scene

If you see something that looks dangerous or non-consensual, talk to a moderator, but do not interrupt. Do not talk loudly during a scene. Try to keep socializing to the social area. Do not get in the way of the flogger, whip, or whatever other implement may be flying about. Leave space for the Top to work. If you ARE the Top, try to leave room for others to use the dungeon as well.

No (Uninvited) Touching

Do not touch anyone unless you know it is OK with that person to do so. Do not touch anyone else’s toys – human or inanimate – without permission. Always ask, even if you get strange looks for being so polite. Remember that the host may have their personal toys on display in the dungeon – this is not an invitation to use them. Do not approach a sub during or immediately after a scene. If you want to offer help with aftercare, approach the Top in question.

Use Safewords

Recognize and negotiate the use safewords . Generally speaking, people often use the stop light system of green (“Harder, faster!”), yellow (“Stop what you’re doing, I need a break, come check in with me”), and red (“Stop everything now, scene over”). Some Minky members also use “beige” to mean “is that all you’ve got? I’m so bored.”