2021 End of Year Update

2021 End of Year Update

Hello MinKY!

When we wrote our last update, we didn’t expect to have many of the same questions and concerns 20 months later. As you have likely surmised, MinKY entered a lengthy hiatus as we evaluated how and if we could continue to convene, live up to our values, and protect our community in the context of an ongoing global pandemic. Recently, the moderators have gotten together to plan and discuss and we have some updates and exciting announcements to share!

FIRST AND FOREMOST: for the foreseeable future, MinKY will live in the virtual space only.

It is our greatest hope that we will be able to share company and play again safely and in person. It is clear to us that there is no responsible way to attempt that in the immediate term. A safer space for our guests, hosts, and members is our paramount mission. In light of Minnesota’s ongoing struggle with COVID spread, we can’t justify the vulnerabilities and casualties that meeting in person could create or the toll that could have on our still stressed healthcare system. We will be developing a pandemic protocol for when we are able to meet in person again.

UPCOMING EVENTS: We are planning to meet online regularly for munches and workshops.

Look out for more announcements in the early new year regarding events and RSVPS. We are also revamping our online communities with the intent of growing a robust space that we are proud to call MinKY’s. We are in the process of developing a moderation protocol for those spaces and will update you shortly!

REGARDING AGE OUT: Age out from 3/20 through the present are currently suspended.

We understand that many members may have aged out during our hiatus. Moderators have unanimously voted to suspend age-out for all members, friends, and moderators for those who have become age-inelegible between February 2020 and the foreseeable present. Please be on the look out for further changes to this policy as we continue to adjust to best serve the community.

AS ALWAYS: we are accepting rolling applications for new moderators.

We especially encourage applications from those with interest and experience managing and cultivating online communities and events.

Please feel free to reach out to the moderation team at [email protected] with any questions or to follow up with any business or concerns from our hiatus.

With the holidays approaching, the moderators of MinKY encourage you all to continue to safeguard yourselves and our community: mask up, test often, get boosted, talk to your loved ones about the importance of vaccinating, and please be judicious in gathering. We are all we have.

In love and resilience,

The mod team