New Year, New Minky

New Year, New Minky

A Club for Who We Are Today

Our community has grown tremendously in the last 7 years as we’ve worked together to clarify our mission, live our values, and adapt to the changing needs of community newcomers.

As we again retool this community, this time in light of our values and pandemic safety, we had an exciting window to update our visual identity and online presence to better reflect who and where we are as an organization today.

We’re thrilled to announce the following changes:

A “New” Name

Now minky stands only for its values.

You might have noticed that some of our conventions around capitalization have changed. That’s because we’re dropping the acronym: “MinKY” (short for Minnesota Kinky Youth) has become simply “minky.”

While we’re still a Minnesota group, kinky and proud, we felt that the word “youth” carried some concerning weight and baggage. We serve adults across a large age spectrum and focus less on our members’ age than on creating a community that is safe and engaging for newcomers and veterans alike.

Our old url and email addresses will now redirect to our new page/domain. Now you can find us at and email us

2022 Visual Revamp

In addition to our name update, our colors and logo have also been reimagined.

2014 vs 2022 logos Previous 2014 Logo and New 2022 Logo

Club Colors

Our new colors still nod to the classic leather pride flag. We’ve kept the inspiration from the traditional blue, black, white, and red palette, but shifted the tones slightly warmer and more neutral. Minky pays homage to the leather groups and bars that forged the way for us — we remain proudly a leather-inclusive group but neither explicitly nor exclusively a leather group.

Meet Hank

We are also retiring the MinKY monkey (lemur?) logo. In its stead, we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to Hank, minky’s hanky-wearing mink, a tribute to both our Minnesota home and our queer roots. You can learn more about him here.

minky Lives Online

The impetus for a number of these changes was our desire to move the best of minky online. To better meet the needs of our community during this pandemic while upholding our values, we have updated significantly. While we look forward to being able to safely reconvene in person, we’re excited to announce our overhauled online presence.

minky’s fully updated website home is now Here you can find important documents like our code of conduct, information about and links to our online communities, and announcements.

On our site, you can sign up for our email list where we’ll share information about upcoming events and club activity.

Online Community

We are moving our forums as well as most of our engagement over to our Discord. This is where event RSVPs, chat space, etc will live. You can find more information about the process of joining/getting full access to the server here. The original forums have been archived and retired.

We will still maintain and update our fetlife presence.

Remote Munches and Workshops

We can’t wait to invite you to join us for regular munches online. It’ll be a great opportunity for folks to see old friends and for newcomers to meet a mod and get full access to the discord. Stay tuned for announcements regarding online munch activities/themes.

We will also be rolling out online workshops for the community. Keep an eye on the Discord, website, and your inbox for news!

Thank you for growing with us; we are so excited to see where this next incarnation of our community takes us!