In-person parties have been suspended since March 2020 as we navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Moderators are meeting regularly and will update the community here on our site, on our fetlife page, and via email and Discord if and when that should change. Our initial annoucement of this decision can be found here and the 2021 update can be found here.

Below you can find information about the structure and expectations of a minky play party. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to [email protected], or to reach us via our Discord.

When it is safe to do so, MinKY hosts a private play event for our membership most months.

Consensual sex and play are both allowed and encouraged at our get togethers. We work with hosts to accommodate these parties in their homes. As such, some specific party rules will vary location to location. RSVP confirmation emails will contain details of specific hosts’ rules before each event.

Arrival/Departure/Smoking Considerations

We take party arrival/departure behavior seriously. We do not wish to out our hosts, inconvenience them or their neighbors, or draw attention from law enforcement.

  • We ask that your arrive in inconspicuous clothing and change into play clothes inside
  • Please transport your toys discreetly
  • Please monitor conversation volume and content when arriving/departing

General Party Considerations

  • In order to attend parties, guests and members must RSVP through our online community (/posts/online_community/) and have met a moderator via one of our online munches or otherwise. Guests of members must also have met a moderator.
  • To ensure our Consent Policy, protect our hosts, and limit liability, there is to be no alcohol or illicit drug use by members or moderators during the party, on site or off.
  • We ask that members bring a potluck food item to share and a $5 donation to help cover costs of hosting
  • Please read the RSVP email you receive prior to any given party carefully. It will contain information about pets at the party site, space-specific party rules and concerns, and information about any special events that might occur at the party.
  • MinKY provides non-alcoholic beverages at parties. We go through A LOT of cans of soda. Please be mindful of designated recycling vs. garbage cans.

Play at Parties

  • There will always be a designated Dungeon Monitor (or ‘DM’) managing the play space at any MinKY party. The DM will typically only step in if safety, party rules, or community standards are in jeopardy, both for those in a scene and for those observing. They are also there to act as a resource for specific play-based questions, to ensure space is being shared, and to monitor the general tone of the room (lighting, music, volume, traffic).
  • Penetrative sexual play is allowed. Safe sex practices are encouraged and a selection of safer sex materials are available in play spaces. If you have specific preferences or requirements for particular safer sex supplies, please bring your own.
  • Always take precautions to reduce the risk of damaging bedding, furniture, carpeting, etc. When in doubt about how to use or protect a certain space, check with a DM. Members may be held responsible for any damages that result from negligent or careless behavior.
  • Always dispose of any trash produced in a scene, and use disinfectant wipes to clean surfaces after you are done.
  • Physical and emotional edgeplay both require a degree of situational and emotional awareness and sensitivity. We expect consideration, communication, and planning from members interested in scenes that could result in physical damage to the space or emotional damage to bystanders.
  • Always check with hosts and/or moderators individually about body fluid concerns, bloodplay, wax play, water, fireplay, etc.
  • If your scene has the possibility to cause emotional distress to those sharing the space, check in with the DM about protocol before you begin scene-ing. Examples of scenes which require this consideration include heavy consensual non-consent, visually triggering or traumatizing play, and race play. Depending on the space, you may be asked to change plans, scene in a specific space, adjust your volume, or save your scene for elsewhere
  • No firearms are permitted at any party, carried personally or as part of a scene.